Bent FAQs

Does my Bent need to be crafted out of wood?

No, in the last initiation cycle, we had a bent made out of aluminum, as well as rapid-prototyped and laser-etched bents. Be creative!

Does my Bent need to be within 1/32 inch tolerances?

Your Bent will not be held to these tolerances, but still make an effort to create a final product that you are proud of.

Where can I go to get the tools I need to complete my Bent?

Either the Craft Center or the workshops around campus (The Hangar and Mustang 60) should have all the tools required to complete your Bent. You will however, have to pass tests in order to use the tools required (please see the “Bent Details” page for helpful links).

How do I get Faculty Alumni signatures?

In order to get Faculty signatures, you must first obtain a list of faculty that are members of Tau Beta Pi. You should receive an email with this list; if you did not receive an email, please email the club and we can send you a copy. For privacy reasons, we cannot post a download of the list directly to the website.

How do I get Active signatures?

There are several ways to get active signatures: one way is to carry your bent around campus with you, and if an Active spots you they will offer to sign it for you. Another method is by attending the various Member meetings that the club puts on.

What dates do I put on my Bent?

You should write the dates that you plan to attend Cal Poly (e.g. 2010-2014).